Syllabus / UGC NET Commerce Paper II and Paper III (A)

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UGC NET Commerce Paper II and Paper III (A)

(I)  Paper II- It is of general nature .It is intended to assess the teaching aptitude of the candidate. Designed to check the reasoning ability,compersion and general awareness. There are 50 objective type Questions carrying 100 marks

(II) Paper III – Will have 2 parts A & B .Containing electives and comprehensions.


Unit-1 (Business Environment)

  • Meaning of Business environment
  • Element of business Environment
  • Globalization
  • Industrial Policy
  • Economic Planning
  • Economic Policies

Unit-2 (FM Accounting)

  • Basic accounting concepts
  • Capital
  • Revenue
  • Partnership Accounts : Death ,admission, retirement, Dissolution ,cash distribution
  • Regressions, small tests.

Unit-3 (Business Economics)

  • Nature and uses of business economics
  • Concept of Profit
  • Advance Company accounts :issue ,purchase & business, liquidation, amalgamation
  • Cost & management accounting

Unit-4 (Data Processin)

  • Data types ,collections ,analysis
  • Sampling
  • Errors
  • Method of Sampling
  • Marketing
  • Inventory Control
  • Correlation & regression – t-tests, f-tests

Unit-5 (Business Management)

  • Principles of management
  • Planning, Controlling
  • Corporate governance
  • Business ethics
  • Staffing
  • Concept of profit & wealth maximization
  • leading- Motivation, leadership

Unit-6 (Marketing Management))

  • Pricing Decisions
  • Product Decisions
  • Distribution Decisions
  • Marketing Planning
  • Evolution of marketing
  • Concepts of Marketing
  • Market Segmentations

Unit-7 (Financial Management)

  • Capital Structure
  • Operating Leverage
  • Cost of capital
  • Working Capital Management
  • Dividend Policy

Unit-8 (Human resource Management

  • Role & Functions of HR Management
  • Planning ,Recruitment
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Industrial Relations in India
  • Compensation – wage & salary Administration, welfare & society security workers participation in management

Unit-9 (International Business)

  • Theoretical Foundation Of international Business
  • Structure of India's Foreign Trade
  • World Trade Organization
  • International liquidity : World bank IFC, IDA ,ADB,IMF

UGC NET Commerce Paper III (B) [elective/optional]


Accounting & Finance

  • Computer application in finance
  • Money & Capital Market
  • Working of Stock exchange in India
  • Venture capital Funds
  • Inflation Accounting, accounting Standards in India
  • regulatory Authorities : SEBI , Rating agencies ,New Instruments


  • Marketing concepts, tasks, tools
  • Consumer Behaviors ,Market Segmentations
  • ON-line marketing
  • Marketing research
  • Direct Marketing
  • Pricing Decisions
  • Product Designs
  • Promotion decisions

Human Resource Management

  • Appraisal Performance
  • Industrial relations in India , health , safety ,Workers participation in management
  • Training & Development, succession planning
  • Job analysis , job descriptions, use of job analysis information, recruitment & selection

International Business

  • Foreign Direct Investment & Multinational corporations , joint ventures
  • Regional Economic integration: SAARC, ASEAN ,EC , NAFTA India & WTO, intellectual property rights
  • Foreign Exchange : Exchange Rate ,Mechanism,Risk managment ,Transfer of international payments, Convertibility of rupee,Currect & capital accounts,Issues & futures
  • Foreign investment instruments : GDRs ADRs

Income Tax law & Tax Planning

  • Computer Application in income tax & tax planning
  • Tax planning : Concept , Significance, & Problems of Tax planning
  • Deduction of Tax , Filling of returns
  • Methods of Tax planning
  • Basics Concepts ,Status & tax incidence
  • Computational of Taxable income under various heads
  • Computational of taxable income of individuals & firms
  • Tax considerations in various business decisions , viz, Make or buy ,own or lease, retain or replace, shut down or clouser, invest or disinvest, expand or contract
  • Different type of assessments
  • Defaults or penalities
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